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March 6, 2020


Giclee prints for your fine art printing needs 

giclee fine art printing

Should you consider Giclee printing? Are you an artist wanting to create a portfolio of your amazing artwork? Perhaps you snapped an incredible photograph on your dream vacation, and now want a canvas that will capture all the subtle colors in the original picture. Create a watercolor that just doesn’t look the same when you print it using standard printing options? If you desire a fine art quality print or canvas with a wide color range, then giclee is the perfect option for you.

What is Giclee?

Giclee (zhee-clay), is “a technology for fine art or photography reproduction using a high-quality inkjet printer to make individual copies.” The word originates from the French noun “une giclee” meaning to spurt some liquid. This term was first applied to the printing world by Jack Dugane in the early 1990’s. He coined the term in reference to the special process used to create fine art digital prints. Originally used in conjunction with the Iris printer, it is now used as a broad term for the process and can apply to a variety of specialized inkjet printers.

Giclee does such a fine job at recreating quality prints that many art museums have hosted exhibitions featuring fine art giclee paintings. With professional acceptance of the quality of giclee printing, everyday artists now have an easy solution for printing on-demand reproductions of their artwork.  

How does Giclee work?

Giclee prints are created using a top model inkjet printer. You may have an inkjet printer at home. However, not all inkjet printers are created equally. Many home printers feature the basic four standard color range Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Key (black) commonly referred to as CMYK. Inkjet printers used with giclee feature eight to twelve different pigment based archival inks, allowing more detail and color variation in the final print. When combined with high quality, archival paper and canvas material, the result can make it hard to differentiate between the original and the copy. 

How to ensure an awesome print

There are some things you can do to ensure the best results when purchasing a fine art giclee print. If you are using a digital image (that dream vacation photo), set your resolution to 300 DPI. If you are scanning a physical piece of art, use a scanner that features 600 DPI. According to Lifewire, “DPI resolution refers to the clarity of an image due to the number of dots of ink that make up a picture that is printed on paper. The term DPI (dots per inch) is probably a familiar term if you’ve bought or used a printer, a scanner, or a digital camera. DPI is one measure of resolution.” To learn more about DPI resolution, check out Lifewire’s “DPI Resolution Basics for Beginners.”

Don’t delay – try Giclee today

We hope you are equally excited about the printing possibilities offered with giclee. Lucky Girl Prints is excited to provide giclee prints in a variety of sizes to meet your unique printing needs. We offer prints as small as 8.5X11- as big as 24X36 with many size options in between. And, as part of our Lucky Girl Society, you receive 10% discount and free standard shipping. A great value for only $4.99 a year. Start the new year with amazing, color rich prints to display proudly in your home.


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