Metal Prints: a modern, sleek approach to wall decor

May 1, 2020


Metal Prints wall decor

Discover how Metal print wall decor can transform your home and give you a modern, sleek look this Spring. If you desire images with amazing detail and the sleek look of floating, frame-less wall art, then printing on metal is right for you. Metal print is a high-definition technique that will enhance and compliment your home’s modern interior.

What are metal prints?

Images are printed in high gloss/high definition on 0.1” aluminum sheets with a white base to allow rich colors to pop with unprecedented vibrancy. Lucky Girl Prints highly recommends Metal prints for nature photos because it brings out even the minutest photo details. You will be rewarded with a crystal clear, razor sharp art piece.

metal prints vs. traditional prints

How does it compare to traditional or canvas print?

Installation is a breeze. Metal prints are lightweight and don’t need to be framed. Simply find the perfect spot and hang your print. All hanging hardware is pre-installed and includes an inset float frame with nail groove track. The track is recessed from the print’s edges, so nothing is visible from the front, giving a floating look. Metal edges can typically be dangerous and sharp. Your wall piece comes with rounded edges, so you won’t have to worry about cutting yourself. Each print is coated with a protective reflective finish for an ultra-modern feel. There is also less glare than a framed picture because it isn’t tucked away behind glass.

What are the benefits of metal prints?

Don’t just take our word for it. What are the benefits of metal photo-printing?

[Metal] photo prints are a great option when you’re trying to really bring out the vibrancy of colors or sharpness of details. The pearlescent finish really makes the contrast in an image stand out, so deeper blacks, brighter highlights, and just an overall richer image.

Which print size is best for your project?

Lucky Girl Prints offers Metal prints in a variety of sizes. Metal prints come in landscape, portrait and square and range from 8×10 to 36×24 (see each orientation for specific size options available). If you prefer smaller dimensions to showcase your images as wall decor, our Metallic prints come in traditional smaller print sizes!

Don’t wait to transform your space. Replace your mismatched picture frames from your past and upgrade to sleek and modern Metal prints. Lucky Girl Society members receive 10% off and free shipping, so if you haven’t yet, join today and start saving!

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