Pet art: How to keep pets close as you return to work

June 30, 2020


Is your pet your best friend? Maybe you need pet art!

Especially during a pandemic, our pets are more than animals we share our home and life with – they are family. For many these past few months have provided us additional time with our furry companions. While cats may appear to be indifferent as their owners return to the workforce, dogs are going to miss the days spent with their owners (being fed treats and let out on demand). It is also going to be a time of transition for owners. There are many articles and blogs on how to work with a dog that has separation anxiety like this one from WebMD, but few for owners with separation anxiety from their pets. Lucky Girl Prints may not have all the answers on this subject, but we have some ideas on how you can stay close to your pets as you go back to the office…with pet art!

Pet art for the office

If you cannot physically take your pet to the office with you, you can bring images of them with you. Personalizing your space not only helps you get through the workday, but also shows your coworkers and clients what adorableness awaits you at home. It can also be a great conversation starter with fellow animal enthusiasts. Check out these office ideas:

With a calendar, you can keep track of the year and look forward to the future. Snap photos with your pet and display them in a collage on a single page calendar (you can select to showcase just one if you have a favorite image), or create a multi-page calendar and experience a new picture every month.   

Wall & Desk Décor

Wall décor comes in a variety of materials and sizes. If you are able to go big with your wall decor, we have a variety of materials such as barn wood, wood, metal and acrylic to decorate your office walls. You can even design a poster or collage! Go big if you can’t go home!

Looking for something more compact and portable? How about a desktop picture instead? Check out our Easel Black Canvas. The gallery wrapped edges means that your photo goes all the way around to the back, so you see only your chosen image. Flip out the easel (or hang with the built-in hanger hardware) and you achieve an instant personalized space!

Clings are made from a woven polyester fabric with an ultra-removable adhesive. All you have to do is decide between one image or a collage.

Office Accessories

Custom mousepads, and notepads allow you to take your images with you when you are away from your desk.

Pet Art for Break Time

Back to the grind means back to time spent in the breakroom visiting with coworkers. Brighten up everyone’s day and start conversations with these ideas:

Coasters not only protect surfaces but can also be a fun way to strike up conversations in the breakroom. Have employees submit their pet images for customized coasters. Then, have people guess which employees go with the featured animals. Sure, this can be done with kids’ pictures too, but let’s be honest – it’s a bit more fun to see a resemblance between pet and owner.

Bookmarks are an economical way to keep your furry friend close and remind you to take some time during the workday to step away and take a break. Add an inspirational quote or fact and look forward to starting a new chapter each day.

Wherever You Go

Whether you are returning to work, running errands, or simply living your best life at home and in your community, you can keep your four-legged friend close by with these personalized items as pet art. They also make great gifts.

Pick an image of your pet for your office keychain. Then, as you lock up for the day, you will be reminded of the excited greeting that awaits your arrival back home.

From charms, to bracelets and necklaces we have you covered. Necklaces come in square or circle shapes. You can also choose between large or small, whichever is the right size for you. Jewelry makes a great gift idea for someone that is also a pet lover. You can even make a dog tag necklace featuring your dog!

Buttons  are a fun and economical way to share your love for your pet with the world. Why not create one for each workday?

Share with others

Instead of waiting for a holiday or event, create custom cards featuring your pet and share the cuteness. Folded cards can feature a personalized message or remain blank inside for individualization later. Create a photo card and send to your friends and family to let them know you are doing okay and thinking of them during this time apart. In today’s world of technology, a card is a great way to put a smile on the faces of those you love. Think beyond birthday cards with “get well” and general “thinking of you” cards. Show an essential worker you appreciate them by sending a “thank you” card.

If you have been documenting life in 2020, compile your images and create a photo book dedicated to this period in history. As a fun twist, make an album devoted to your pet during this time. What silly things have you caught your pet doing? What quirks and behaviors will be looked back at fondly? By creating your own pet history book of this time, you will have a unique document like no other. We offer soft and hard cover books for pet art as well as lay flat for whatever style fits your preference.

Here for you

As businesses begin to open and you venture away from home more and more, Lucky Girl Prints is here to help with the transition. We know that 2020 has been challenging, however the extra time with our pets has been a positive thing for many. Lucky Girl Prints wants to help you maintain that bond with your pet. We hope our website will provide you with inspiration to create gifts and keepsakes of our pet. Be sure to join our Lucky Girl Society and receive perks like free shipping and 10% discount on all orders. At Lucky Girl Prints we hope you stay healthy and wish you a smooth transition back to work. Lucky Girl Prints also wants to thank all the essential workers that have continued to show up and work during the pandemic. We see you and appreciate all that you do.

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