Love is personal – your Valentine’s gift should be, too

January 31, 2020


Personal Valentine’s Day gift ideas to show your love

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Store bought cards, flowers and candy are all thoughtful gifts but not very personal. If you long for Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are as unique as your love, this is your lucky day. We have personalized gift ideas that will remind the recipient they are loved.

Love Yourself

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For many, January is a time for resolutions and new beginnings. However, by mid-February, goals tend to fizzle. Lucky Girl Prints can help you show your support this Valentine’s day and provide renewed enthusiasm. 

  • Goal Planning. The best way to achieve a big goal is to break it down into smaller, obtainable chunks. Why not create a personalized calendar with these bite sized goals to help keep on track? Lucky Girl Prints offers several different designs to customize each month with quotes and photos that capture the spirit of what you aim to accomplish.
  • Vision Board. Creating a vision board is the act of realizing your goals with the help of a visual aid of your desires. Mindfulness & Meditation Life Coach, Amy McCae says, “when you align your intentions and goals with your passions and heart loving feelings, you will naturally align with your visions and dreams.” Our collage clings are the perfect way to keep your vision board front and center. Place it on your bathroom mirror or kitchen window and reconnect daily with your life’s desires. The clings come in various sizes and stick to glass, plastic and mirrors.
  •  Create a motivation album. Fill a book with photographs of the pets and people you love to have a visual lift for when life becomes challenging. 
  • Out with the old and in with the new. Are old cookbooks tempting you away from your new diet? Create new, customized photo albums with all your new healthy recipes. Be sure to include photos, tips and inspirational quotes.  


Love Work

Whether you love your work or simple work to live, having reminders of your loved ones close by makes for a guaranteed great day. So, when your career takes you away from those you love, keep them close with these Lucky Girl Prints gift ideas.  

  • Mug of Love. We offer 11 and 15 ounce photo mugs so you can see your loved one’s smiles every time you fill your cup. You can even put your mug on a mug and give it to your loved one.
  • Notepads. Personalized notepads are a fun way to jot down all of life’s tasks and notes and share a bit of home with your work family. Or, send your significant other to the store with a personalized to-do notepad. 
  • Mousepads – If your office space doesn’t allow for photos to be displayed, having a custom mousepad at your desk allows for both function and family. Our customizable mousepads fit easily into your laptop bag, so you can take it wherever you work.

Love Home

February is a magical month. It has the shortest amount of days yet can feel never-ending; especially when winter weather takes hold. What better way to feel loved on a cold winter night than cuddled up with a personalized portrait quilt and pillow?

  • Pillows. Choose between plush beige photo pillows or suede photo pillows in blue, green or brown.
  • Portrait quilts. Take treasured photos and turn them into a quilt.  Available as a 31X31 wall hanging or 50X60 throw. These will keep your loved ones close on cold winter nights.
  • Photo quilt squares. This is the perfect gift for someone that loves to quilt and create. Turn photos of your relationship into quilt squares. It combines their love of quilting with their love for you!

Love Traditions

Love Traditions

If your heart desires more traditional Valentine’s gifts, you can take classics and improve on them with Lucky Girl Prints help. 

  • Cards – Why buy a generic store-bought card when you can create a customized card? Choose pictures and speak from your heart. The recipient will love that it is a one-of-a kind card.
  • Jewelry – Lucky Girl Prints has jewelry to dress up any outfit. We offer charms, necklaces, and bracelets. Need a masculine gift? Check out our customizable, dog tag necklace.
  •  Keychains – Remind those you love to be safe and return home soon with a personalized keychain.  

You can find the perfect Valentine’s gift. It all comes down to selecting gifts that are practical, yet personal, so the lucky girl or boy in your life will know that they are loved. Don’t delay though. Lucky Girl Prints recommends that you order by February 3rd for arrival by the 14th (based on 7-10-day standard shipping).  Whether you are purchasing for yourself, someone else or forwarding this to your significant other, Lucky Girl Prints hopes you have a meaningful and wonderful Valentine’s Day. 

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